M^Dynamics : Power of Agility

M^Dynamics is a Banking and Payment On-line Transaction Processing (OLTP) Engine that allows Financial Institutions and Payment Service Providers to process real time transactions in a mission critical environment.

Highly Agile

Efficient and versatile framework delivering real business value


Rich in scale-out features for all type of businesses requires real-time payments

Highly Available

Ensures functional systems supporting 99.999% uptime with fault tolerant infrastructure


Robustness in our systems

Reduced Coding

Minimum coding needed with easy management, configuration, and deployment to add new features.


High performance in response time, latency and Transaction Per Second (TPS)


Easy to adapt for various financial business use cases

Open Platform

Runs in all OS that support Java

M^Dynamics Distributed Architecture

Open Platform Servers running M^Dynamics Financial & Payment Switching Application Continuous Availability and Massive Horizontal Scalability with Distributed Architecture
(Fault Tolerance Achieved using NonStop/FT Servers)

The distinguishing strength of M^Dynamics Switch is how its versatility makes it so easy to add new transaction types such as Store Value Card or Pre-paid Card Top-Up and customise existing ones to adapt to almost every unique requirement of the business.

M^Dynamics Framework Components

M^Dynamic’s sophisticated , well architected system is supported by Graphical IDE tools like Transaction/Process Flow Builder, Process Flow Analyst and Transformation Message Mapper that allow businesses to effect quicker changes and enhancements to the system, thus saving much time and money.

M^Dynamics Tranbuilder

M^Dynamics Business Modeller

M^Dynamics Transformation

M^Dynamics Message Converter Tool-kit

M^Dynamics Configuration Console

M^Dynamics Web Configurable Tool

M^Dynamics Tranbuilder

‘Picture’ paints a thousand words

Complex payment views no longer a problem

Easily maintainable

M^Dynamics Transformation

Supported Formats

• ISO8583 & its many variants
• ISO20022 & its many variants
• Token-based MTM
• Fixed length formats
• Delimiter formats

• Proprietary
• And many more

Ease of integration

Drag and drop for mapping configuration
Auto validation
Zero/minimum coding

M^Dynamics Configuration Console

Generates screens with ZERO coding

Auto generates UI by interpreting your configurations

Takes 20 days for others, only 1 day for us

Supports fine-grain access right control