What is M^Dynamics DXP (Digital X’formation Platform)?

M^Dynamics DXP (Digital X’formation Platform) is a Smart Middleware that has a crucial foundational component with smooth integration and orchestrating throughout the systems.

A proven “high-quality” product with our clients.


How it can help you

Field Validation

Ensure validity of message fields (Account Number, Telephone Number, Identification Number, Name, etc.)

Field Mapping

Map incoming message field to outgoing message field

Field Conversion

For example, masking a credit card number

Message Routing

Base on Card Prefix, BIN (Bank Identification Number), FIID (Financial Institution Identification Number), etc. route to the respective Bank or FI.

Decoupling Requester systems from Supplier Systems

How it can help you

1. N number of Requesters to one Internal format/connection

2. One internal format/connection to M number of Suppliers

3. Total permutations of N + M instead of N x M

4. Changes in any Requester or Supplier have no/minimal impact to the others

M^Dynamics Building Blocks for Digital Transformation

Most Digital Banking solution providers are good with using and integrating emerging technologies but they have challenges integrating with Traditional/Legacy technologies.

M^Dynamics can support both emerging and Traditional/Legacy technologies and has proven Technologies and Solutions to easily integrate them using our ENGINES, TOOLS and FRAMEWORKS.