Joining MVI Technologies

We provide a supportive environment with exciting and challenging assignments.

Our highly experienced and successful employees were once like you too.

We will challenge you, bringing you to your highest potential. With passion, being a master in the industry is not a problem.

What we are looking for?

If you are passionate, a critical thinker, excited to learn, then join us.

We are looking for talented individuals who is passionate in all aspects of intensive Software Development mainly in Banking and Payment related systems using mainly Java & newer technologies.

What to expect:
• Design and develop new software systems to support business requirements.
• Design, build and maintain software applications.
• Build reusable code that is optimized for maximum speed and scalability.
• Integrate software components into a fully functional software system. Support and maintain all software libraries and hardware databases through proper documentations.
• Analyse, design and develop tests for our products and software.
• Resolving problems including bugs fixing for the assigned systems and system enhancements.
• Perform investigations in all reported problems/errors and initiate amendments and testing so that the system can operate correctly & efficiently.

- Any background knowledge in these would be desirable
[Core Java, Spring MVC, SQL, Hibernate, Tomcat/JBoss, JavaScript, JQuery, Messaging (MQ)]
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery

Ideal candidate should possess:
• Basic programming knowledge/experience
• Java programming experience
• Be able to work independently as well as in a team
• Problem Solver, able to think out of the box
• Sharp Troubleshooting skills
• Be prepared to go full-stack
• Ability to adapt to different requirements and can multi-task
Candidates with good IOS/Android Mobile development experience are also welcome to apply.

Competencies to be achieved:
MVI provides wonderful experience in the Financial and Payment domain, and train them to perform well with quality output on the assigned area of work such as:
• Java/ J2EE
• Message Service like JMS
• Exposure to System for banking and Payment domain

MVI provides wonderful experience in the Financial and Payment domain, and train candidates to perform well and produce high quality software solution.
Solid grounding in Java, SQL.
Gain experience at both the front and back end of a project.
Improve critical thinking skills and produce innovative solutions to address various requirements and technical issues in software development, e.g. how to come out with simple solutions to address complex challenges.
This role provides the best opportunity to undergo hands-on practice of programming skills with a highly knowledgeable mentor of the payment industry.

Interns are welcome as well. (At least 20 weeks)

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3rd August 2021
Celebration MVI’s 30th Anniversary.

November 2020
General availability of our Payment Hub

November 2018
MVI Technologies (S) Pte Ltd wins Enterprise 50 award.
MVI Technologies wins first E50 Award by staying reliable and adaptable

March 2018
Delivered payment switch solution for AXS to handle payment transactions in AXS station.

October 2017
Delivered a payment switch solutions enabling Geoswift to handle cross-border Settlements.

September 2017
Launched QR code platform for NETS supporting NETS and major banking mobile Apps.

August 2016
MVI Technologies set up subsidiary in India.

June 2016
Successfully launched Large Volume Clients payment platform 2.1 for Geoswift to handle marketplace and e-commerce bulk retail payments.

September 2015
Delivered a Payment Gateway solution to process ISO20022 FAST real time transactions for Hong Leong Bank.

August 2015
MVI Technologies successfully delivered Large Volume Clients payment platform 2.0 for Geoswift bulk retail payments.

August 2008
M^Dynamics Financial and Payment Switch validated for VISA PABP.

May 2008
Supports Tax Refund services in Europe and Asia Pacific for Global Blue.