Retail Payment Solutions

MVI integrates and supports software platforms executing Large volume mission critical & low value retail payments from different marketplaces around the globe to cater to the needs of Individual and corporate beneficiaries. These large volume payments are catered swiftly & effectively by the retail payment functionalities for retail payment platform.

Legacy Payments

Interface with Legacy Systems and transform to integrate with latest PayTech

Large Volume Payments

We craft Systems capable of handling millions of payment instructions seamlessly

Payment System Strategy

Design retail solutions with emphasis on dynamic & ever changing business needs and on time to market.

e-Wallets Facilities

Managing multi-currency and virtual account payment usages

Payments Sanction Screening

Expertises in screening legitimate payments according to client needs

Solution Engineering

Leader in financial payment solution engineering and consulting for decades

Retail Payment Solutions

Retail Payment solutions are offered by leveraging on our M^Dynamics engine.

Large Volume Payments

MVI's retail large volume payment solutions allows the businesses to have total control over the payment work-flows by customized design, functionalities and multi payment platform integrations. Thereby completing payments for fast-paced business with the help of solid and flexible retail solutions to stay ahead in maintaining beneficiaries relationship.

Retail Payment Platform helps to integrate with small, medium and large payment providers for reaching the every single benefactors who are both business organizations and individuals. The Retail Payment Platform validates and processes all kinds of instruction information from varied channels like secured payment files, APIs, XML/JSON formats etc.

Customized design

Ease of Client On-Boarding

Universal Integration methods

Real-Time Bulk Transactions

Custom Clearing & Settlement Processing

Extensive Reporting Facilities

Retail Payment Gateways (G3)

MVI's Retail Payment solutions shields Payment Service Provider's/Bank's existing systems from the complexities of integrating to the legacy/modern payment Networks. These solutions inherits all the rich features of M^Dynamics and possess integration capabilities with modern and legacy interfaces.

Legacy to modern Payment Integrations

Cost efficient Transition

Flexible processing flows