M^Dynamics : Power of Agility

M^Dynamics is a Banking and Payment On-line Transaction Processing (OLTP) Engine that allows Financial Institutions and Payment Service Providers to process real time transactions in a mission critical environment.

Highly Agile

Efficient and Versatile framework delivering real business value


Rich in Scale-out features for all type of businesses requires real-time payments


Ensures functional Systems upto 5(9s) to support businesses


Easy to manage, configure, deploy for adding new features


Highly performant in aspects of real-time execution, storage and usage


Easy to adapt for various financial business use cases

M^Dynamics Engine

M^Dynamics powerful features for diverse financial business verticals

M^Dynamics Engine

M^Dynamics Distributed Architecture

M^Dynamics Continuous Availability & Massive Scalability Features

M^Dynamics Distributed and scalable architecture

M^Dynamics Framework Components

M^Dynamics has a sophisticated, well architected system is supported by Graphical IDE tools like Transaction/Process Flow Builder, Process Flow Analyst and Transformation Message Mapper that allow businesses to effect quicker changes and enhancements to the system, thus saving much time and money.

M^Dynamics Tranbuilder

Drag & Drop Modeller

Transaction Builder

Business Logic Definer

Flow Orchestrator

M^Dynamics Transformation

Message Format Conversion

Multiple Message Format Support

Flexible & Customizable

UI Supported Configuration

M^Dynamics Configurable Configuration Console

System-related Configuration

Business-related Configuration

Access Control

Security Management

M^Dynamics Management Console

One Stop Management

Distributed System View

Operational Ease

Process & Link Stats